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The aims and objects of the Society shall be –

To provide facilities of education of the people by starting Schools, Colleges ,Hostels ,Libraries and Physical , Technical and Cultural Instuitions and to give Scholarships to deserving students for continuation of their studies in the institution under the society or for any further studies of the special subject not under this Society.

To train suitable teachers for the above purpose.

To impart , generally to the young generation of India and in particular village youths of vidarbha Districts , a liberal and efficient , primary , secondary and higher education , embodying literary , agriculture , scientific, technical, commercial, industrial and physical training according to the concept of the society.

To train village workers for village up lift work and rural industries.

To provide medical aid to the people by establishing or taking over hospitals , dispensaries , maternity home , clinics , primary healty centres ,nursing home and to distribute preventive medicines at the time of epidemics.

To open free libraries, reading rooms and average publication, to run boarding houses, Residential, Schools and such other institution as may be conductive to the attainment to the main aims and objects of the society as the circumstances permit.

To undertake generally all such schemes and activities with a view to achieving socio-economic development of rural people in general and village youths in particular.

To supplement developmental and welfare activities already in operation under the Govt. Schemes such as the community project , National Extension Service , and other voluntary services ,to launch pilot project scheme for starting small scale industries amongst the men and cottage industries.

To extend social welfare service by organising cultural programmes like lectures , dramas ,folk songs, bhajans , kirtan , pujan etc. and starting cultural institution.

To undertake propaganda for better health, sanitation and agriculture production by organizing seminor , lectures , camps, completion such subjects.

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